Need feedback

January 23, 2010

Well here goes
We have been together and for the first year I thought it was great. I spoil her to no end anything she want need or i think she needs she gets. ( she never asked for a thing) foot rubs, back rubs every night. Just to scratch the surface. I am there in every way she needs and she admits that. But lately ( or for a while now I feel like I don’t get my turn. It is always can can you do this or that for me. When is my turn ?
I don’t ask for much nor do I expect it. when it comes to sex if i don’t start it it don’t happen. I feel like I am just there. I work very hard and always look forward to seeing her. But after about 20 minutes of watching her watch TV i say I am going home. ( and I do). I don’t want to through it away but I am running out of drive. I am a good man And I do feel like I deserve better. Is it time to bounce
We spoke about me moving in with her a couple of months ago and I was going to move in in Feb but I never heard anything about it. After thinking about it I decided just to leave it alone, because I don’t think it it ids a good idea. Any one with some advice please help I will give more info if needed. Thank you all


Hello world!

January 23, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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